The Pastor

Bill and Debbie Huegel

July 31, 2020

To the Winthrop Baptist Church,

I’m Bill Huegel and after having been in conversation with Cindi Stannard and those working with her, I am looking forward to being your interim pastor as of Sept 6, 2020. Let me introduce myself:

I’m originally from Erie, PA, the last of seven children. At age 20 I moved to Nyack, NY to begin studies at Nyack Missionary College where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in theology. I then attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where I earned a Masters of Divinity degree with a focus on pastoral ministry.

My wife Debbie and I married in 1971. I was ordained into the Christian ministry by the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts in 1974. In 1978, we adopted a brother and sister, aged four and five. In 1980 we did foster care and subsequently adopted three brothers aged one, three, and five. In 1984, our youngest son was born. All of our children are now grown and living in various parts of the U.S.

I have been privileged to serve three American Baptist churches over a period of 35 years, two in Massachusetts before moving to Wallingford, CT where I served as pastor for 14 years before retiring. Since retirement, I have served three churches in CT as an interim, and I am now excited about coming to Winthrop Baptist Church as your interim.

I am very aware that COVID-19 has created new challenges for all of our churches regardless of size. However, nothing of this nature catches our Lord off guard. He has promised to be with us and to bless those who continue to be faithful to Him.

Bill Huegel